Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Heading home

Right now we are sitting back in Zurich awaiting our flight to the states. We've not been able to update our blog because the Internet in Malawi was spotty, but we will do more with pictures when we return home. We've had the most amazing trip! I am so thankful for this wonderful experience. I LOVE Africa!!! I absolutely was not ready to come home... I could have stayed a few more weeks in Malawi. Will loved it, but is ready to get back to reality. We've been so fortunate to have two wonderful experiences over here; we got to do safari for a week and then truly discover one of the most beautiful and friendly countries, Malawi. We got to really see the country and learn more about their culture. I could not pick a favorite thing we did because everything was so unique....we did, although, stay at the coolest place Ive ever been. Mumbo Island on Lake Malawi, by far the most gorgeous place I've ever seen. It looked like something you would find in Fiji. We had an awesome time just relaxing on the beach, kayaking, hiking, and living with out any electricity. It was awesome. Visiting the orphanages and seeing how sweet the kids are, and how happy they are was completely amazing! We had the best time playing with them, holding them, and seeing where they live. Malawian children love to have their picture taken, so we had the best time having some photo shoots with the kids! Overall, I am so thankful for this incredible experience and cannot wait to return to Africa, Malawi especially. Stay tuned, we will post more pictures once we return to reality.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Rain and then finally cool...

So on our 3rd day here we moved from the hotel up to the game lodge. Meaning we are literally in the middle of no where up in the game reserve. It's awesome! As Im typing this it's 10:30 in the morning here, and the views are amazing. We are loving Africa . The view from the porch stretches so far, and all you see are mountains, and tons of green trees. It is gorgeous . The impala are grazing beside the porch, and it's so quiet. Our first day here the rains came. They had not had rain since January, so they were thankful. It rained the entire day and the winds were strong. So we stuffed ourselves with the delicious food, read books, and listened to a talk about the Zulu culture. We are in Zulu land, and it was so interesting to learn all about their culture and traditions. We learned how the propose marriage (down by the river, and with many cows), how they are very superstitious and pray to their ancestors, and just about their way of life. The next day we slept in and our friend Pen came to pick us up. He took us to the elephant interaction center, where we were able to feed and touch the elephants ...amazing! Then we drove to Mkuze falls game reserve and took a game ride there. More details to come about their driving over here and our day! Must head off to the local market and then another game drive in search of lions!