Wednesday, May 7, 2008

"Just think if you live to be 75, you have already lived 1/3 of your life!"

That is the encouraging quote I got from my lovely husband after I was complaining about turning 25 yesterday! But I do hope that I live longer than 75 so it's not true!

Yesterday was my birthday and I got such a wonderful present from Will! GRACIE!

She wasn't actually here, unfortunately, but now I have a huge picture of her, so it looks like she is sitting in the chair in our den!

Overall, I had a wonderful birthday!

Also, this past Sunday Will got to go to a CO Rockies baseball game! Hank and Heather (his cousins) came to town to visit and Will was able to go hang out with them in Denver.

I think the Rockies lost on Sunday, but Will had a great time anyway! And Hank and Heather are coming to town tonight for more pictures to come!

Our hint for the week...we're traveling out of town this weekend to a wonderful town we haven't been to yet! We might have already been to the state, but not to the here is the hint...

-the state has the highest literacy rate in the US
-the TV series "Touched by an Angel" was filmed in this state
-it is the 11th largest state in the US with 11,000 miles of fishing streams and 147,000 of lakes and reservoirs
-there is a town named after President Millard Fillmore

Can anyone guess???


LABLUVER said...

Oh my Gosh.....LOVE THE PICTURE OF Gracie !!! Will...where did you order from???? And Happy Birthday Allison !!!!
Hank and have made the big time now !!!
Will and Allison's super blog !!!!
Can't wait to hear all about it..

Love to all !!!

Lauren said...

I love the picture of Miss Gracie Goose! I hope you had a wonderful birthday. We miss you back here in NC!!! Lots of love-Lauren Bailey

Dorothy said... is the picture done? so cute!!! wish you were going to be here this weekend! miss yall!!! wish we were there! :)