Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Broncos Fan Fare...

We started the 'Weekend of Will' off right on Saturday morning by sleeping in. I had originally hoped to get to Denver around noon, but we got there around 1 PM or so...This is how Allison felt about getting their late...

Which I totally understood because I felt the same way.

So we get to fan fare at Invesco Field at Mile High Denver to find thousands of people waiting in line for autographs.

The first line we get in we were told was for Champ Bailey, one of the best players for the Broncos. After 2 hours standing in line, we found that Champ had been gone for an hour, but another big name receiver had taken his place: Brandon Marshall.

What we didn't initially realize was that the entire team was there sporatically throughout the weekend. Now, when I say the entire team, I mean the entire 98 person starting roster, of which 45 players will be cut before the beginning of the season.

So along with this star player, Brandon Marshall, we got these no name players that I had never heard of. We did run into Keary Colbert, previously of the Carolina Panthers

and also Lamont Reid, of the NC State Wolfpack.

The rest of the weekend went on, standing in line constantly for roughly 5 hours per day. Sunday, we got there on time but we still had the huge lines for autographs.

At the end of the day on Sunday, we got the biggest autograph of the weekend. We stumbled upon one of the last lines of the day, and Head Coach Mike Shanahan happened to be there. He was set to leave at 5 PM, and fortunetely we got to him around 4:55, just before he left.

It capped a great weekend but we were tired by the end of it. Here is how Allison felt about the whole thing:

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