Thursday, March 29, 2012

Day 1

We have survived our first day in Africa, and are amazed by its beauty. I constantly have to remind myself that this is real...we are in Africa! My dream come true. Today we went on 2 game drives, one at 6 am and then another in the late afternoon. They were fabulous! We saw elephants, zebras, impala, kudu, Nyala, rhino, hippos, buffalo, and a cheetah! It was absolutely gorgeous. The scenery was beautiful and the sky just goes on forever. Our resort is very nice! Everyone here in Africa is so friendly and willing to help. Our room is great, we have air conditioning and no mosquito net! Our room overlooks a beautiful, vast field. We had zebras right outside our door yesterday, and we have a crocodile pen about 50 feet from our room. Thankfully they are fenced in. The food here is amazing! We have five course dinners every night, and last night my choice of meat was impala, oxtail or fish. So Will ate all of it and I only ate the impala....not too bad, but tonight I stuck with chicken fingers and will ate something that was called turkey ( I don't think it was really turkey though). So today we had a really close encounter with an elephant. On our afternoon drive we had a great ranger, and followed 3 elephant around for awhile. One elephant eventually got mad at us and came within 2 feet of us! It was so scary, but our guide was super calm. It was a big female, and she flapped her ears and looked like she was going to charge or spray water. The elephant is no longer one of my favorite animals. I would much rather be closer to a cheetah! We have an awesome video, and are still trying to figure out how to upload photos and videos on the iPad. Check facebook, or we might do a shutterfly link. We will have more pics soon. Tomorrow we have another game drive at 6 am and then we are going with a friend of a friend to pet the beautiful cheetahs at the cheetah rehabilitation center and then go to st. Lucia for a boat ride to see hippos and dolphins. And we get to swim in the Indian ocean !!!! God is good!!! He created so much beauty here in africa, and we are so thankful to get to see it!!

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