Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Amazing Grand Canyon...

Sorry for the delay in our AZ pictures, we've had a celebrity staying with us all weekend!

We got up the next morning and decided to take a look at Lake Powell, which is in both Arizona and Utah. Apparently it's a really popular place to visit, and people come rent houseboats to drive around and view the amazing monoliths there.
We were trying to find a beach to see and feel the water at the lake, but ended up finding a little path to get closer and climbing some rocks.
This was pretty early in the morning and just a wonderful start to our day!

After we saw the beautiful view, we turned to go back the way we came, but Will decided to climb up the rocks.

This was the view from the top of Lake Powell...we didn't actually go down to the beach because it was $15 just to drive down there. We were on Navajoland and they tend to charge for the view from up above.

See all the houseboats...

There was also a large dam right there and Will took a bunch of pictures...

We finally got to the Grand Canyon and took a helicopter ride over the grand canyon. It was so much fun! Allison wants a helicopter now and Will wants to take flying lessons...

Colorado River running through...

So after our wonderful flight over the canyon, we walked around like tourists to look over the edge of the canyon.

I got kind of close to the edge which made Will really nervous...

After playing tourist, we went four-wheeling in a jeep tour of the national forest there to see an Arizona sunset.

We had a great time visiting the incredible Grand Canyon. We headed down that evening to Williams, AZ to stay in a bed and breakfast and head to Sedona the next day. Since this entry was so long, we'll wait to put pictures up of Sedona and our celebrity visit!

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LABLUVER said...

These are FABULOUS !!
I have been to the Grand Canyon and it is forever etched in my memory. But I sure would love to go again with my better camera( also some 40 years later) and just go crazy taking pictures. It is a photographer's dream place but that whole area is.
Did I just say 40 years later???? OMGosh how time flies.....unbelievable...I had better hurry up and go again !!!!!
Will and Allison....truly these are great pictures and your adventures and memories are irreplaceable...can't wait for the continuation of your story !

Much love to you both,
Aunt Betty