Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Another set of visitors...

This past weekend, we had Guillaume and Lindsey come stay with us. For those of you who do not know the story, Guillaume and Will went to WFS together and Lindsey and Allison went to Peace together. They met at our wedding and have been together ever since. Isn't that just too cute.....BBBLLLLLAAAAAHHHHHHH.......excuse me, I just threw up.

They came in late Thursday night which didn't leave us much time to do anything fun. We both had to work for the majority of the day on Friday, but luckily Allison was able to get home in time to go on a hike with Lindsey up on the mountains behind our house. Here are some views...

Saturday morning we got up early for a breakfast at 'The Buff', a local restaurant here in Boulder that is good for breakfast. We then headed to Golden, CO for a tour of the Coors Brewery.

We didn't do the full tour, just the 'Quick Tour', which consisted of the four of us sitting in their taste testing room at 10:30 AM and drinking small glasses of beer. I must say, a Coors Light at the brewery is much better than from the store.

At noon, we headed to the mountains where the main attraction of the day awaited:


The short story of this festival is as follows:

Several years ago, a man in Norway died. He wished to be cryogenically frozen and his grandson attempted to fulfill his wish. Instead of doing this the proper way, he packed his dead grandfather with dry ice and came to America (Nederland, CO) in hopes to start a cryogenic facility. The family remained there for several years until the grandson made some nasty comments on Public Radio about the INS, so the government deported him.

However, the still-frozen-on-dry-ice grandfather remained on the family's property in the back yard shed. The city found out about this and passed a law stating that no man or woman could be preserved in ice from that point on. The irony here is that the dead grandfather was 'grandfathered in' under this new law. The Chamber of Commerce has since then created this festival to celebrate - the frozen dead guy.

We arrived in Nederland a little after lunch time, just in time for -

In case you cannot tell from the pictures, there are a ton of people who come to this festival. The pictures show the contestants in the coffin race - a race in which 6 'pall bearers' carry 1 'dead guy in a coffin' around an obstacle course to the finish line for time. Obviously, each team came up with their own theme for their team and decorated a homemade coffin to match. It was amusing to say the least.

After the races, we moved to the beer tent, where New Belgium brewery had a band, food, and beer for the crowd. We bought some personalized glasses for the festival and had a great time from then on.

Lindsey and Guillaume left Sunday afternoon after we lounged around the house all morning. We had a big night before and instantly went back to the college days of being worthless on a Sunday morning.

We are very excited about our trip this weekend. We head to a little town outside of Crested Butte to experience being "Grumpy Old Men" - movie buffs, this should help you figure out what we are doing.

More pics to come!!

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LABLUVER said...

OK....I am getting worried about you 2. You are gonna have to move back to NC right now to "dry out" ! LOL
A beer at 10:30 in the morning????
At least you are getting alot of exercise !! And having fun !
Enjoy your upcoming weekend....
Aunt B