Sunday, November 25, 2007

The Dakotas....

Today we just spent most of our time driving. We finally got our Minnesota picture! Unfortunately in Minnesota it is against the law to stop on the side of the highway, so neither one of us could get out to be by the sign!

After leaving Minnesota, we crossed into North Dakota. We did not get a picture in all of North Dakota! We were actually not in North Dakota very long at all before we hit South Dakota. Here is our sign! Again, we weren't sure about stopping, and it was kind of getting cold! We spent about 7 hours driving today, and the Dakotas are so beautiful! We saw a beautiful sunset across the farmland this evening! We're staying in Sioux Falls, South Dakota tonight and then heading to Mount Rushmore and the Badlands tomorrow for the day.

Will also forgot to add his picture from the Mall of America yesterday. We found a Sharper Image store at the mall, and Will found his new favorite toy. You can't really see the color that well, but it was blue for Luke Skywalker!

Since we haven't had many pictures to add the past two days, I just wanted to add some random pictures. Here are some of us and Gracie!

I found this old picture on Robin's computer....oh memories.....

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Ang, Scott & Maggie said...

Hey guys! Looks like you are having a blast! Wish I could have been at the bourbon place with yall - looked like fun!!! Love you guys and will check back later!! Love, Ang, Scott & Maggie