Thursday, November 29, 2007

Final stretch....

We began another cold day with breakfast at the hotel before leaving for Colorado. After looking at the maps, we decided to head south to make sure we could drive through Nebraska. The scenery was much of the same we had seen over the last few states - lots of corn fields, cows, and farms.

Mission accomplished - we are never going to Nebraska again.

We then headed west to the great state of Wyoming. Scenery was again very similar to what we had seen.

We only saw the Southeastern corner of Wyoming and we know there is more to see there, especially in the parks and in the mountains. We plan to visit soon.

We finally got into Colorado around 6:30 PM mountain time. We drove past one of the Budweiser brewing sites, which we plan to come back to soon for a tour of the facility. We couldnt find a good 'Welcome to Colorado' sign so we took this picture to have for the time being.

We are staying in a hotel tonight and our furniture is to be delivered in the morning. The internet will be set up Friday so it may take some time to get the pics of our house up on the blog. We hope you've enjoyed this first leg of our journey. We can't wait to fill you in on the next chapter - LIVING IN BOULDER!

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MPA said...

Allison & Will, you did a great job on documenting your trip to Boulder. It was nice to see the pictures of all of the places you visited. Now, the hard part-unpacking!! I love you - MOM