Sunday, December 2, 2007

Life in Boulder...

So we are here! We are sorry it's been several days since we've updated our blog....we've had internet, so that's no excuse! We don't really have many pictures to post. But we've managed a few of the house we're renting.
We got here Wednesday night, but had to stay in a hotel in Boulder because our furniture wasn't coming until Thursday. So we relaxed and got up early Thursday morning to meet the movers. Our furniture was supposed to arrive between 8am and noon, and of course it came at noon! Thankfully we had a beautiful day; not too cold to be outside moving furniture. And Will and I moved all the furniture ourselves from the moving van!
Since then we have just been unpacking and cleaning our house. We just have a little two bedroom duplex, but it's an old house and was kind of we had lots of cleaning to do!
Here are some pictures of our first day filled with tons of boxes!

Will with his favorite tools....

This is our guest room. We've got it all set up, and a nice,comfy we expect visitors! :)

This is our little kitchen. We have just enough room....but no dishwasher!

Will relaxing in our den...

Just a quick look at our house. We still have a lot of cleaning and organzing to do.
We are both enjoying Boulder; the town is so pretty. We went out Friday night with one of our three friends living out here, and it was 19 degrees outside! Despite the cold we had a great time! Boulder seems to be a lot like Chapel Hill.
We haven't really had any snow. The weather report called for lots of snow on Saturday, so of course Will and I stocked up on food (bread and milk) and movies, just in case we couldn't drive anywhere! But we didn't get any snow...just a few flurries that night.
Other than that, everything is going good! We're still looking for jobs and will keep everyone posted! We are doing something fun either tomorrow or check our blog and we'll have some good pictures up!


Coach and Terrell said...

Looks like yall are settling in quite well! My apartment looks about the exact same right now... boxes everywhere, mattresses..etc.
Its such a pain. Good luck! Oh, and thanks for setting up the guest bedroom. :)

Allison said...

Looks like your getting everything together! Boulder is one of my favorite places... I can't wait to come visit- I just need to make set plans. Miss you and Will tons!!
Luv, Mitty

Emily said...

I am so honored that you set up an entire room for ME to come visit. I will be there...dont you worry!