Tuesday, December 25, 2007


Merry Christmas everyone! We woke up this morning bright and early to a tree full of presents and about 5 inches of snow in the ground outside. WE HAD A WHITE CHRISTMAS!! It was really pretty to look at this morning. We both got a lot of really great gifts.

Will got a filing cabinet...

He also got some clothes...sweaters, socks, pants...

Al got a wonderful photo album filled with pictures of Gracie! And a dog sticker to go on her car...

Al got her favorite Christmas movie and a suduko book

This was how our den looked after this morning...

After a wonderful breakfast and a morning full of presents, we headed off to Eldora Ski Resort, which is about 25 miles from Boulder. We had signed up for a private skiing lesson there at noon but had to be there around 11. So we got our gear together and prepared to get to it.

The lesson went great. We didnt go down anything more difficult than a 'green slope' but we really enjoyed it. And to prove that we did indeed go skiing, for all the skeptics out there, we took some pictures...

This is at the top of the slope we skied down

Can you tell which one of us this is?

We had a great time skiing, preparing for our next big adventure next weekend. The drive back to Boulder was really pretty. The road on either side was just covered with snow.

This is actually a lake on the side of the road covered in ice and snow

When we got home we decided to measure how much snow we had gotten in our yard. The ruler said about 7 inches.

Now on to fixing Christmas dinner...
We had a really great Christmas and we hope everyone else did too. Happy Holidays and everyone please have a Happy New Year!


MPA said...

Looks like you had a great day there with the presents and skiing.
We really missed you here but glad you had fun.

Rick and Mary

LABLUVER said...

OOPS---I left my message on your 12/24 blog....sorry
BUT---here it is again !! LOL

Merry Christmas Will and Allison ! We all missed you today as we celebrated with the family. I have some pictures that I will send your way to help you see everyone. It was a gorgeous day here and as for the Ward family...we are ALL pooped....Hope your day was fabulous and so glad you had such a special time with Mary and Robin ! Blessings to you and much love,
Aunt Betty

December 25, 2007 6:34 PM