Sunday, December 9, 2007

The culprit.....

Here he is.....

.....the infamous dog who got our tree....the little jerk.

So we had some snow, probably around 6 inches over the weekend. Its been several years since we have had to actually shovel snow but we made up for lost time.

People still walk and jog despite the snow and ice - which by the way is absolutly nuts. No one in their right mind should be doing that, yet these people do it anyway. Not us though. We stayed inside most of the weekend.

The sun popped out today but dont let it fool you like it did us. The sun may make it seem like its warmer than it was, but oh no. It was still about 16 degrees for the majority of today. Ironically enough, its warmer tonight than it was during the day today, tipping the thermometer at 28 degrees now.

Good news - its gonna snow again Tuesday!

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