Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Adventures in Cooking...

So for Christmas dinner we tried to cook a turkey (my first attempt ever!), stuffing, rolls, butter beans, and a fudge pecan pie.
Let's see...we ate our Christmas dinner at 10pm!
Has anyone ever heard of that Kenny Chesney song (mom I'm sure you've heard this) where he talks about getting married and having burnt suppers for the whole first year, and eating them so his wife doesn't cry? Kind of applies here...haha...thankfully we didn't burn the turkey though!
Will made me prepare the turkey, which just involved rinsing it off and emptying the juice from the "cavity"...he thought it was hilarious to take my picture. I have never cooked a turkey before and was rather grossed out, so I wore gloves, and seriously considered becoming a vegeterian!

The turkey was only supposed to cook for 2 hours and 15 minutes, so we were hoping to eat around 7:30 or 8pm. Well...apparently at a higher altitude things take a lot longer to cook, and it took our turkey 4 hours to reach the temperature needed to eat. Oh it was a stressful last 2 hours cooking, and the house got kind of smokey!
But the turkey was finally ready to eat, our stuffing was cold and had to be reheated, as did the butter beans.
But we finally got it all to the table, and it tasted alright. The turkey was a bit dry, but the gravy helped that. The stuffing, beans, and rolls were good.
And our pie turned out great, but I was too full to eat any, but Will enjoyed it.
Here is our little Christmas table with our advent wreath. (I'm still learning how to make one of those)

Thankfully our Christmas Eve dinner of ham, baked apples, and 7 layer salad turned out a little better. Sorry we don't have any pictures from that. But we had a nice dinner that night, opened a few presents, and went to church at 11pm for communion and singing Christmas carols, which was really nice!

Today is Will's birthday! The big 25!! And I'm cooking dinner again tonight (he's chosen something easier) so we'll have more pictures of dinner and presents tonight.

Hope everyone is having a nice, relaxing after-Christmas day! By the's 11:30am here and it's only 18 degrees!! :)


MPA said...

Happy Birthday Will!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rick, Mary, & Robin

LABLUVER said...

You guessed it !! I am late again with my gift !!! LOL...but sorry bout that.
Love you and miss you ..hope you have had a fantastic day.

Loved all the Christmas pictures from your Christmas morning...and the scenery from your drive that day..and of course the turkey dinner!.....this is all so fabulous. THANKS !!!

As for the Ward family---STILL POOPED !!

Love to both of you...
Aunt Betty