Friday, November 23, 2007

It's all about the CHEESE!!!!

We woke up this morning in Chicago to a very cold and sunny day! We went over to the John Hancock building and went to the top to see views of the city. It was amazing being up so high! Will and I swear we could feel the building swaying a little bit.

After leaving the John Hancock building, we found my favorite store across the street, H&M, and went in to do a little after Thanksgiving shopping for some gloves!
We then left Chicago and drove up to Racine, Wisconsin. We, of course, stopped at the Wisconsin sign to get a picture. I was REALLY excited to be in there and get some cheese!

And as soon as we drove into Wisconsin we saw snow on the side of the road!
(Will thought it would be appropriate to take a picture)

Our two goals in Wisconsin were to get some cheese, and to get some kringle from a bakery in Racine. The little town was actually not far out of our way at all. Kringle is this delicious danish pastry that is only made in 4 bakeries in Racine. The Goodsons have been getting it for Christmas for years, and since I love kringle we thought it would be neat to actually go to the bakery where it's sold. Here is a picture of the bakery. And we got ourselves some yummy pecan kringle.

After getting our kringle, we headed to get some cheese. Sorry we didn't take a had gotten kind of cold outside! But we went to a place called Mars Cheese Castle! Unfortunatly, it was not really a castle made of cheese, but instead a giant deli that sold only Wisconsin cheese. We sampled just a little, and sent a lot to our new house in Boulder! So I was very happy that we got our cheese!

Tonight we are staying in Chippawwa Falls, Wisconsin. It's right outside of Eau Claire, WI. We are seriously in the middle of nowhere! I cannot tell you how many dairy farms and rolling hills we passed along the way, but it was a pretty drive. There isn't snow up here, but it's about 27 degrees outside tonight!
Tomorrow we are heading on out to the Mall of America....should be exciting! The next day we're heading to North Dakota....everyone should check the high on Sunday in Fargo!!


LABLUVER said...

Happy Saturday Morning to you both !!
I am so enjoying following your adventures and seeing where you have been. Sounds like you are having fun !!!!Who's doing all the driving? LOL
Now we all know your kitchen will be fully stocked with the necessities when you arrive in Boulder---umm.....cheese, bourbon and kringles !!
Love you both
Aunt Betty

Lauren said...

Hello Allison and Will,
It's so great to be able to see all your travels and adventures via internet,it really sounds and looks like you all are having a blast!!! Were you able to eat some turkey along with the cheese and bourbon? and kringles? I'm still stuffed. Well..I wish you safe travels and I can't wait to check your blog again in a few days!
Lauren Bailey