Wednesday, November 21, 2007

A Day of Sightseeing....

This morning we went to the Louisville Slugger baseball factory and were able to tour around the museum and see how bats were made. Will was very excited!

After leaving Louisville, we drove towards the Maker's Mark distillery, and stopped at Jim Beam along the way.

We made it to Maker's Mark just in time for a hour-long tour of the distillery. It was so neat to see how they make bourbon. We even got to stick our hands in a vat of fermented yeast that had been sitting for 3 days.

After our tour, we got to taste some bourbon, which Will loved, and some special bourbon chocolates, which I loved! Will also got to dip his own bottle of bourbon in the famous red candle wax. We also learned today since Will is an ambassador at Maker's Mark he gets his name on a plaque that goes on one of the barrels of bourbon. We found the building where his barrel of bourbon is aging, but were not able to go inside to see it.

Maker's Mark was about an hour outside of Louisville in this little town called Loretto. Population 600! Since we have an obsession with taking pictures with signs, we thought it was fitting to stop and take a picture with the town sign.

We finally made it to Indiana.....

Our one and only stop was in Indianapolis at the speedway. We only had 30 minutes to look around before they closed, and were able to ride on a bus around the race track, which was really neat! The track is huge! We couldn't get a picture on the track, but got a picture in front of the entrance.

After leaving Indiana, we finally made our way to Chicago (the welcome to Illinios sign will come tomorrow!). We are just resting tonight because not only is it freezing outside and windy....IT'S SNOWING IN CHICAGO! So we might have a white Thanksgiving tomorrow.....


Tom said...

Will and Allison
HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!! Great pictures. Looks like all is going well. Did you order your barrel of bourbon?? Miss you both!! Enjoy Chicago and the snow!!

Leesa said...

Happy Thanksgiving!!! We miss you!!How much bourbon did you buy?

Aunt Jane said...

Happy Thanksgiving! So, how much snow is there? Sounds like all is going great. Quite an adventure. Miss you both.

Aunt Jane